Time To Teach Materials

Time To Teach materials
Books, CD’s, and DVD’s

The Center for Teacher Effectiveness has written books and produced CD’s and DVD’s on their research-based Time to Teach classroom management strategies.






Good disciplinarians – at home and at school– promptly address minor problems in order to prevent major ones.  Effective teachers realize that good discipline begins with the “little stuff.”  Yet there are very few strategies available focused on the low-level behaviors impacting every classroom almost every minute of every day – and often preceding far more challenging and aggressive behavior!  This book describes how prompt attention to the “little stuff” can prevent the “big stuff” – that is, how good timing is the key to effective discipline.  The strategies in this book are research-based and the strategies are ready to use.  The research will provide an understanding of low-level behaviors and how they impact children. The strategies will demonstrate how those behaviors can be eliminated and will help you manage a wide range of behavioral challenges with confidence and satisfaction.





During most of its existence, the Annual Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitude Toward the Public School has identified “lack of discipline” as the most serious problem in education.  This Research Manual was written over nearly two decades to accompany our on-site training. It describes a powerful action plan to effectively design lessons and engage students by eliminating the greatest hindrance to learning, student misbehavior.  The Research Manual provides research-based ideas to conquer discipline problems; to implement effective classroom rules and procedures; and to handle students who don’t do the homework, who call out, curse, come in late, fight, throw things, or even attack us.





This book provides over one hundred routines, procedures, and rules to govern relationships at the elementary and secondary level.  These teach-to’s™ will set the stage for structure in your classroom, for divergent and creative discovery and learning.  Researchers have defined learning as the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skill.  Psychologists similarly define learning as a change in behavior due to experience.  Either way, learning allows a student to modify his or her behavior to suit a situation and to be more successful – academically and behaviorally.  In this book, in addition to the 100 teach-to’s™ we provide, we teach you a very powerful format to develop your own behavioral  lesson plans that will help your students learn all of the skills they will need to be successful in your classroom.  We describe what to do in the first month, first week, and first day of school: times critical to classroom management.





Recognizing that “one program” does not “fit all,” this DVD provides a wide range of discipline intervention and prevention strategies that work in diverse situations.  Nowhere is it more true that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” than in disciplining students in educational settings.  This six-hour DVD presents proactive and reactive discipline strategies.  We provide ideas on how to respond or react to various levels of student misbehavior, and how to be proactive in order to prevent misbehavior.   You will learn scores of classroom design tips to foster a positive learning environment, to build a positive rapport with students, and to successfully design, communicate, and teach your classroom rules to students.  You will also learn how to intervene early when being challenged and how to remain calm and respond right in all situations that occur in the classroom. 




This is a music CD. Teachin’ The Blues Away lyrics were written for the classroom teacher and are riddled with tips, strategies, and ideas – mixed together with Blues music. The CD, meant to accompany our trainings, was created to help teachers remember what they learned in our training.  Vocals are by John Carswell, who has performed with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Muddy Waters, to name just a few. This CD is unique in that we perform and have fun with you and at the same time we also teach you!